Relatives – 19 Names From GEDmatch

Apparently, when two individuals have shared matches of a single DNA strand greater than 10 Centimorgans in length, they are definitely related, probably in the 3rd-5th cousin range.

If any of them come to this site, I would appreciate them (you) sending me an email at .

GEDmatch has found a few for us. FYI, their GEDmatch names are:

Anthony Bates (16.6 cM)
Lee 13.9 cM

Fedor Karpelevitch
ken levine
Alexandr Ivashchenko
Yuliya Ivashchenko
Mizya Blyakher
Richard Hawk

Jan Greenspan
Dane Elliott

Elizabeth Bakwin
Ilya Shlyakhter
Robert Lefkowitz
Naomi Torpey

There are a whole whack more between 5 and 10 cMs, that are considered possible relatives.

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