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August 2016

We now have DNA (two 2nd cousins) and other evidence that my grandfather’s father was Carl Henry Weil of Randegg, Germany, Saginaw, Toledo and Chicago. Ironically for us, having had no family information before 1902 we now have information back to 1135 AD about this respected Rabbinical family.

We are now 90% certain that we have also identified the mother due to DNA evidence and family tree information that previously eluded us. As things would have it, it is not the woman that we thought it was but her husband’s sister.

June 2016 Post About Information Gathered and Sought

Information Sought – PATERNAL Side

Having located a second cousin in the fall of 2015 we are now trying to locate the Most Recent Common Ancestor that we share, who will likely be our Great Grand or 2ndGreat Grand, born 1840-1875.

The Ancestral & Contemporary names of greatest interest in that search are Hirsch and Weil but include:

Note: The names with + signs beside them turned out to be the most important. 



Ancestral & Possible *MRCA Names

UPSTREAM from 2nd Cousin & Also Same Name Descendants DOWNSTREAM

Other Names


Of Descendants DOWNSTREAM From MRCA & Possible DNA Testees

Baruch Bartelstein
Cohn Bonsor
Friedman Colman
+Grostein Critchlow
Hellman Dusen
*Hirsch Eiseman
*Kaufman +Florsheim
*+Kuhn Lorie
Lautman Metzenberg
Mullen Milch
Neuberger Morris
Reichenberg Mullen
Rosenfeld ++Pfaeltzer
+Rosenthal Pomroy
Senturia Schmidt
Silberberg Schwartz
*+++Weil Smyth


We are looking for these names among DNA matches on:

  • 23andMe
  • ftDNA (uploaded 23andMe data + Y12 test
  • Ancestry
  • GEDmatch Kits M144207 (from 23andMe) & A349088 (from AncestryDNA) Note: Other family kits are also on GEDmatch; all emails are to
    (recently added two more DNA testing labs from which testees can upload their test files.  This will increase the number of cousin matches.)

These names could that of a testee or as a family name listed by the testee in their file.

Any such testee could help eliminate or identify current MRCA possibilities.

You will note that most of the names on the list are obviously Jewish.  My 2nd cousin is 100% Ashkenazim.  Frank must have been 50% Ashkenazim as his grandsons are approximately 12.5% each.  Ancestry has indicated that I’m 18%.  Also, Frank certainly had the Y-chromosome E1b1b1c1a as his grandsons and great grandsons through the male lines have that Y-chromosome.  It is the Y-chromosome that bags second largest group of Jewish males, after J1.  Therefore, it is very probable that his father was Jewish and it was his mother who was not Jewish and was possibly Catholic.

Information Sought – MATERNAL Side

DNA evidence may yet reveal Frank’s mother but we have nothing to use to separate our DNA into his mother’s and his father’s, except for the Y-chromosome E1b1b1c1a (E-L117) that he received from his father.

Also, I am looking working on making contact with descendants of Mary Clara Lugiewicz (born Lewandowski) and Andrew Lugiewicz both born in Poland/Germany in 1875, and married in 1896 after having immigrated in 1890 and 1891 respectively.  They lived in Saginaw, Michigan until her death in 1947.  They may have information relevant to our search because in about 1915 or 1916, Frank amended his Military Attestation Form to list her as his 2nd Next of Kin giving her address as 477 Winter St., Carrolton, Saginaw, Michigan. We have acquired all of his Canadian military records and that information is perpetuated in 3 other places in his documents.  Why did Frank do that?  Was she a caregiver in an orphanage?  Her descendants may have information relevant to that question.  She was Catholic and Frank identified himself as Catholic on his Military Attestation form so he may have been in a Catholic orphanage in Saginaw.

Current Working Fact Set Status

Name: “Frank” Francis Freeman “McCallum” – more or less valid from 1902.  We strongly believe that “McCallum” was not his birth name.

DOB: October 27, 1891 (First evidence is on 1914 Canadian Military Attestation but is unconfirmed)

Birth Place: Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan (From Military Attestation but is unconfirmed)

Male Y-chromosome:  Y-E1b1b1c1a (Y-M84) also known by ftDNA as Y-L117

Other possible birth places: Saginaw, Michigan; St. Louis; Chicago

Date of immigration into Canada: between late spring and early autumn of either 1901 0r 1902  He walked into Canada on his own at age 12.  (Anecdotal information “confirmed” by the Benolkin farm family that took him in.) There will be no immigration records for that entry into Canada, given the primitive infrastructure there at that time.

Death: 1955

Place of Death: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (confirmed)



Next Steps

I now have the results of my Ancestry DNA test and I have uploaded to Ancestry a family tree plus a few others who are either DNA cousins or related to them and probable cousins.  This will produce additional matches.  I will then create a short list of possibilities in September 2016 and contact them individually to find out what additional information they have that might be of use.

I am continuing my attempts to locate Frank’s birth record, orphanage and adoption records in Michigan–if such exist.  Unfortunately, given that era such records were not collected, stored and made public by a single government or institution.

I am attempting to use DNA cousins’ information on ancestral names and European home towns to narrow down our MRCA’s  town of origin.  Some of my 2nd cousin’s ancestors have that information attached to them.

By various means, including DNA chromosome fragments matching, I am adding selected living 2nd and 3rd cousins to a short list and digging up information on them and their ancestors by direct contact and through documents.

Steps Taken

Immigration searches relevant to certain assumptions has not been helpful.  Searches have been conducted in Canada and Ellis Island, New York and certain emigration and passenger records in Germany and the UK.  Not all of the names listed above have been searched, as there is not enough justification or additional information for some of them.


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