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Second Cousins Surface!

I don’t want to get your hopes up, or mine, but the first 2nd and a related 2nd-3rd cousin have just surfaced on 23andMe.  Since their files appeared on 23andMe at the same time, they are highly likely to be sisters and likely once removed, that is, of the same generation as my sons.  They are much less likely to be 1st cousins to each other.  They are almost certainly not mother and daughter.

What does all that mean? They would be descendants of  Frank’s sibling(s).  Amazing.

We know that Frank went back into the US several times looking for a brother.  We don’t know when Frank or his brother were orphaned.  We don’t know if either of his parents survived, or had any other children.  We may be about to find out some of this.

On 23andMe, these two new cousins share the most genetic material with me outside of my brother Brian and sons Jon and David. The 2nd cousin shares with me, and some of you, 10 times more DNA than the next closest cousin found so far, a possible 3rd cousin.  The 2nd cousin shares 3.40% shared over 12 segments.  The 2nd-3rd cousin shares 2.4% over 9 segments.

It is possible that they link to me through my Scottish grandmother.  But since both these cousins have the K1a1b1a maternal haplogroup, which is seldom found in non-Jews and is found in only 10% of women in the UK, that possibility seems unlikely.  They are not linked through my mother who had the maternal haplogroup U4a1a.

I sent these cousins a note inviting them to share genomes.  However, these cousins may not agree to connect or share genomes.  23andMe has many members who do not want to make contact with others, for a variety of reasons.

This discovery is only two days old so contact with them, if it occurs, may be some time away.

Stay tuned.


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Top Relative Surnames – From 23andMe

23andMe has added some interesting new features.  One is Ancestry Overview.  One of its segments identifies Top Relative Surnames from all the other 23andMe subscribers that are our cousins–some 1008.  These names include the names of those 23andMe members and all the family surnames that they have included in their files.  Such a facility may be helpful in finding Frank’s true surname, whether it is McCallum or not.

What are those names?

Surname Count Enrichment
Cohen 10
Friedman 6
Levin 5
Fischer 5
Brown 7


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Geographical Associations of Chromosomes

My chromosomes can be shown to be in common with the pool of individuals of specific geographic regions who have been tested. In theory, my genetic makeup should be 75% Western European–mother (50%) and my father’s mother (25%). However, it is only 45% which means that my English mother and Scottish grandmother would have some explaining to do, were they still alive.

Since our narrow current quest is to explain my “orphan” grandfather, I have extracted all Western European from the admixtures calculated from each chromosome, and dubbed the residual to be 100%. The non-Western European contributions distribute themselves as follows, although the weighting in each chromosome varies significantly. I will add that table when I can get it to present clearly here.

Removing 100% of Western Europe
New Weighting

East_European 29.6%
Mediterranean 44%
Neo_African 0.2%
West_Asian 11.3%
South_Asian 2.3%
Northeast_Asian 1.0%
Southeast_Asian 0.7%
East_African 0.5%
Southwest_Asian 6.7%
Northwest_African 3.5%
Palaeo_African 0.4%

Source: 23andMe Admixture Analysis

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Pick Hypothesis – Family Tree + DNA Match

March 26, 2012

Today was the first confirmation of a DNA match for the Pick hypothesis derived from the Mihailovici family tree.

An ftDNA match with me by the name of Jewell Betty Andersen turns out to have Pick as her maiden name.  At this point I know no more about her than that.  I have asked the manager of her file–a Doctor and PhD–for her specifics and family tree information. That may fill in pertinent gaps–1890 to present–in the Mihailovici tree, particularly for the family members gone missing in action after immigrating to the US. If the trees complement one another and there is still a male MIA fitting our parameters then that will be Frank.

ftDNA proposes us as 4th cousins within a range of 3rd-5th cousins.  This would make our common ancestor either Frank’s father or grandfather since we may be once removed.

We share 35.75 cMs and the longest fragment is 11.38 cMs.

There are

It turns out that in ftDNA there are two other genetic matches that include Pick as names in their family  trees.  They are:

  • Elizabeth Jeanette James
  • B. Ann Carlton Oppenheimer

The 5 of us, including Daniela, share multiple fragments on multiple chromosomes.


March 10, 2012

Of the Hora/Mihailovici family tree options the most probable is the Pik/Pick family.

Ship passenger manifest records showed an uncle and nephew arriving in New York in 1906. Interestingly both appeared to be named Franz Pick.

This does not conform to the available family tree information. The uncle’s age conforms to the date of birth for Leopold PICK (1866). of to Gabriel WIEN
Leopold PICK Josef (Pepo) WIEN Francizka Pick

Rationale for thinking that there is a strong possibility that Francizka (Franz) Pick is Frank McCallum.
• From Josef Pike there is a multi-generational reoccurrence, in various forms, of the name Franziska/Franz/Francis for males and females. In three generations the Pick males married women with the name Franziska.
• March 20/21, 1906 the ship Le Champagne / Le Bretagne from Le Havre on March 1 arrived at Ellis Island, New York. The copy of the ship’s manifest (attached) at lines 18 & 19 identified two Slovak Pick males, Franz aged 16 and one aged 38. The younger seems to be identified as the nephew of the older, but that is somewhat problematic as the names and the dates would appear to be father and son. The name of the elder male is not given as being different – odd. In subsequent typed records both are named Franz. However, Franz’s father was Leopold.
• The dates would make Franz born in 1890 which is generally consistent with the family tree and with Frank McCallum’s birth date although neither has been independently verified. In some records Frank did use 1890 as his birth year.
• The ship’s manifest said that the two men were heading out to Nebraska and to Rock Spring Wyoming to join relatives, specifically John Pick. There is a street address which has not yet been confirmed.
• Cousin Eric Josef (Beppo) PICK b. 1898, died in Connecticut leaving named descendants who are presumably in the US. We have no indication of when he entered the US. It does suggest a family interest in America.
• The relationship tree between Daniela and Ian would appear to be supportable by the quantity of cMs (61.6) larger than 3 cM .
• GEDmatch suggested Daniela and Ian are 3.9 generations to MRCA. In this Pick hypothesis there are 4 generations between Daniela and the MRCAs and 5 generations between the MRCAs and Ian

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Proposed Cousins MASTER List – These Cousin Relationships Are Probable But Remain To Be Verified & The Links Are Unknown

As more have their DNA analyzed there are more cousins being proposed by various organizations. I am currently using 23andMe, GEDmatch and ftDNA. As well, I am using MyHeritage for family tree (GEDCOM) development. there are others but these are the primary ones. I will update the list from time to time.

I have decided to put up this master list of the most promising names in order to attract others who are searching and may have parts of the puzzle that we don’t have. Note that searches of specific family trees–such as the current most promising family tree managed by 4th cousin Daniela Mihailovici–will get their own postings.

For Frank’s descendants coming to this page, remember that these matches–out of necessity–are to me and to Merle, Kevin and Brian since it is my DNA that was used. This means that all Frank’ and Molly’s descendants may be related but that since half my DNA is from my English mother then other descendants of Frank and Molly may NOT be related to these cousins. If one other of my cousins (Frank’s descendents) were to have their DNA tested then we could cross compare and determine if the DNA that matches each of these proposed cousins comes from Frank or Molly. That would reduce the search time required by weeding out those who are not related to Frank. I’m unaware of any other of Frank’s descendants having their DNA tested other than me, Brian, David and Jon.


2nd Cousin – 4th Cousin Step Match

Charlotte Kirk Lazell – contact established
Sandra (Raskin) Curcuru – contact established

3rd Cousin – 5th Cousin Step Match

Alexis Hillary Frankel – contact established
Brian Scott Politzer
Mitchell Adley Leon – contact established
Juri Alperovich – contact established via 3rd party cousin
Jewell Betty Andersen (nee Pick)  – contact established via 3rd party

Sasha Emily Ganz – contact established via 3rd party cousin
Ralph F Rothschild – contact established
Julie Bernsen Brook – contact established
Robin Kasch
Jamie Elyse Merriman-Cohen – contact established
Rayna Gillman – contact established
Gregory Lee Steinhauer  – contact established
Roger Wright Lamson
William Alan Schubert
Shirley Jean Collins Beane
Marsha Spector – contact established via 3rd party cousin
Helene Shulman Lorenz
Helmut Schwab
William Morris Yoffee – contact established
Harvey Morris Kabaker – contact established
Fred A Schreier
David Stephen Senzel – contact established
Gil Bardige
Sally Mizroch – contact established
Beatrice Ann Witter
Valerie Bunch Hollinger
Terri /Alexander Kahan

23andMe – 3rd-4th Cousin

Eugene Yurtsev – contact established
Alexander Lifanov – contact established
Karen Aziz
Nathanael Eisenberg

All of the names posted are unproven, unless otherwise indicated. They will be added to our GEDCOM and will be appropriately “qualified”.

NOTE: If anyone named above would prefer to be removed from the list, please let me know. The information posted above is available from other web sites that require members to opt in so that they can benefit from matching DNA analysis and family trees/GEDCOMs. Nonetheless, I wish to establish friendly relations with newly found relatives. We can agree to disagree later, once we really get to know each other!

This addition originated from my son, David, who opened up this DNA Pandora’s box. He pointed out to me the relative importance of propriety and enthusiasm. He deserves the credit as well as his mother who must have brought him up well.

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4th Cousin Daniela (Hora) Mihailovici and Her Family Tree – February 2012 Developments

UPDATE: March 10, 2012
So far the two names with the greatest promise are Pick and Rosenfeld, both families had members who immigrated through New York in the 1900 -10 yrs or + 6 years time frame.

An initial attempt to contact members of the Rosenfeld family has not yet yielded any contact.

See a separate posting for the Picks.

January 16, 2012 was a major development in our search for Frank’s roots and living relatives. I found a possible 4th cousin by the name of Daniela (Hora) Mihailovici. She manages a family tree that has more than 3,300 names on it. I am going through the tree to find branches with individuals who immigrated to the United States around 1890-1905. To date the most promising branches–at the time of immigration–are Pick and Rosenfeld. Eventually I will post the names of living descendants in the hope that someone can provide more information that will either validate or invalidate their inclusion as persons of interest.

Also, I’m attempting to find an easy and “clean” method of including promising names with our family tree on My Heritage Family Tree Builder. I want to mark them indicating that their inclusion is tentative since My Heritage makes regular evaluations in order to match up family trees that otherwise might be unaware of the existence of other family trees with the same people on them.

Names from Daniela’s tree that we are currently searching are:

SURNAMES – Strelinger, Pick, Brugler, Lorand, Landesman, Rosenfeld, Heitler/Hora.

FIRST NAMES – Francis, Frances, Frank; For his mother there is a high probability that the name is a variation on: Julia Yulia,YULIYA, Gyula.

FEMININE FORMS: Various LANGUAGES: Julia (Biblical), Júlia (Slovak), Julija (Slovene), Júlia, Juli, Juliska (Hungarian), Iulia (Romanian), Yuliya (Bulgarian), Julija (Croatian), Julia, Julita (Polish), YULIA, YULIYA (Russian) Julitta (History), Iúile (Irish), Giulia, Giulietta (Italian), Julija (Lithuanian), Júlia, Julinha (Portuguese), Julia (Scandinavian),Julia (Spanish), Iulia, Julia (Ancient Roman),


With those names we are assuming emigration from Eastern Europe to America through New York in the 1890s. American city locations include the regions of New York, Detroit and Chicago.

DNA comparison through GEDmatch has turned up a 3rd or 4th cousin, Daniela Mihailovici from Haifa, who has access to a family tree of more than 3,200 names. We have not had much time to determine what the route between us might be. Dana has suggested the name Landesman on her side might be the link. I have been poking around on her family tree but need her help to do more. In the meantime I have added a few of the names to our family tree on MyHeritage and it has connected me to yet other family trees which I am now exploring and examining with the site administrators.

My DNA connection with Daniela is quite strong with 11 segments over 10 chromosomes and a total of 61.6 cMs, the second most that has turned up to date for me. Naturally, she and I do not share the same haplogroup, so our connection could be either through my great grandmother or great grandfather. I have not been able to make a connection with the only stranger with an even stronger linkage.

I hope to be adding more confirmed information in March.

DNA comparisons can be made on GEDmatch, 23andMe and soon on ftDNA.

If you would like to know more details before then, then email me at .

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3rd to 4th cousin – Eugene Yurtsev – Closest possible unknown relative identified to date.

Eugene Yurtsev is the closest possible unknown relative identified to date. Eugene and I have made contact on 23andMe.

Third cousin means that we might share great-great-grandparents, in other words, Frank’s grandparents.

He will be exploring his family tree with his family in the coming days. What I have learned is that a few years ago he migrated to the United States from Israel where he and his family had migrated from Belarus (600 km x 600 km; landlocked; surrounded by Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania).

The lab matching determined that we share 0.41% of our genes and 4 chromosome segments: two on chr 1, and one each on 6 and 12.

However, we don’t share common Y haplotype or Mitochondrial haplotype. Since his Y chromosome is not our E, then his intervening line of descent, at some stage was through the maternal line.

My brother Brian shares two on chr 1 and 1 on chr 6. Curiously, my son David shares the most segments, 5, whereas son Jon shares none at all.

David shares: chr 1 x2; chr 6 x 2; chr 12 x 1.

Stay tuned.

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Certain Relatives

More certain relatives (single strand more than 10 Centimorgans long) from 23andMe. Some are duplicates from previous list.

If any of them (you) come to this site please establish contact by emailing me at

Larry Baum 26.2
Martin Varsavsky 18.5
Michael Schonbaum 17.1
Anthony Bates 16.6
DG Party 12 15.8
Jeffery Stein 14.6
Gary Nachman 14.5
Lee – 13.9
Andrea Gargiulo 12.9
Naomi Torpey 12.7
Annette Murch 12.6
Laura Tesler 12.4
Robert Lefkowitz 12.4
Daniel Williamson 12.1
Helene Carman 12
Valerie Podlesnaya 11.9
Anonymous0222 11.8
Chris Jones 11.8
Elizabeth Bakwin 11.8
Alexandr Ivashchenko 11.4
Andy Warner 11.1
Brian Hawthorne 11.1
Stuart Opotowsky 11.1
Cara Weisman 11
Meredith Sellers 11
Cheryl Schweitzer 11
Charles Bockoff 10.9
David Elkins 10.9
Doug Evans 10.9
Fedor Karpelevitch 10.9
orderedchaos 10.9
Yuliya Ivashchenko 10.9
Carl MGB 10.8
David Friedman 10.6
deaconSandy 10.6
California Sam 10.6
Donovan1 10.6
ken levine 10.6
Edward Kazyanskaya 10.4
Ilya Shlyakhter 10.4
Sandy Yancey 10.4
Sari Friedman 10.4
Amanda Garnica 10.2
Richard Hawk 10.2
Russell Conser 10.2
SpeaksCohn 10.2
Jan Greenspan 10.1
Mizya Blyakher 10.1
Richard Cahn 10.1
Brent Gendleman 10
Dane Elliott 10
David Toube 10

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Relatives – 19 Names From GEDmatch

Apparently, when two individuals have shared matches of a single DNA strand greater than 10 Centimorgans in length, they are definitely related, probably in the 3rd-5th cousin range.

If any of them come to this site, I would appreciate them (you) sending me an email at .

GEDmatch has found a few for us. FYI, their GEDmatch names are:

Anthony Bates (16.6 cM)
Lee 13.9 cM

Fedor Karpelevitch
ken levine
Alexandr Ivashchenko
Yuliya Ivashchenko
Mizya Blyakher
Richard Hawk

Jan Greenspan
Dane Elliott

Elizabeth Bakwin
Ilya Shlyakhter
Robert Lefkowitz
Naomi Torpey

There are a whole whack more between 5 and 10 cMs, that are considered possible relatives.

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By the Numbers – Potential Living Relatives

Living descendants of Frank and his alleged brother, allegedly named John, would number approximately 100, of which the John side might account for about 50. The probability of them having their DNA analyzed by now is probably statistically higher than the population as a whole assuming that they are as curious about their ancestry as some of us are. That probability will increase exponentially as the population as a whole has their DNA analyzed for the health benefits. I haven’t seen any projections, but at the current rate of growth and laboratory discoveries concerning both analysis and targeted gene treatment of illnesses, I wouldn’t be surprised if in 10 years 50% of the population has had their DNA analyzed.

If we look to living descendants of Frank’s grandparents, on both his father’s and mother’s side, then the living relatives could number about 2,500. Some of these would be 5th and 6th cousins. In the DNA research to date, 6th, 5th, 4th and even a couple of 3rd cousin potential relatives have shown up but are yet to be confirmed.

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