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Second Cousins Surface!

I don’t want to get your hopes up, or mine, but the first 2nd and a related 2nd-3rd cousin have just surfaced on 23andMe.  Since their files appeared on 23andMe at the same time, they are highly likely to be sisters and likely once removed, that is, of the same generation as my sons.  They are much less likely to be 1st cousins to each other.  They are almost certainly not mother and daughter.

What does all that mean? They would be descendants of  Frank’s sibling(s).  Amazing.

We know that Frank went back into the US several times looking for a brother.  We don’t know when Frank or his brother were orphaned.  We don’t know if either of his parents survived, or had any other children.  We may be about to find out some of this.

On 23andMe, these two new cousins share the most genetic material with me outside of my brother Brian and sons Jon and David. The 2nd cousin shares with me, and some of you, 10 times more DNA than the next closest cousin found so far, a possible 3rd cousin.  The 2nd cousin shares 3.40% shared over 12 segments.  The 2nd-3rd cousin shares 2.4% over 9 segments.

It is possible that they link to me through my Scottish grandmother.  But since both these cousins have the K1a1b1a maternal haplogroup, which is seldom found in non-Jews and is found in only 10% of women in the UK, that possibility seems unlikely.  They are not linked through my mother who had the maternal haplogroup U4a1a.

I sent these cousins a note inviting them to share genomes.  However, these cousins may not agree to connect or share genomes.  23andMe has many members who do not want to make contact with others, for a variety of reasons.

This discovery is only two days old so contact with them, if it occurs, may be some time away.

Stay tuned.


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