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More 2nd Cousins Turn Up – via Carl Weil & Marie Koegle and Their Daughter Clara in Toledo, Ohio

As of January 24, 2018 we traced the connection with two more 2nd Cousins, a brother and sister, who had been adjacent cousins on GEDmatch for more than a year.  They, and their two brothers, are almost certain descendants of our shared Great Grandfather Carl Weil and another German immigrant, the 24 year old Marie Katie Koegle in Toledo, Ohio who had a daughter Clara, born in 1887.

The 2nd Cousin descendants had the surname Mattlin and and have the name Merten.  We have had  a great exchange of photos of our ancestors.

Toledo was where Carl and elder brother Jacob Weil, when first in America, lived with their aunt Louise N. Weil and her husband Nathan L. Ries, with whom they eventually built businesses.

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