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Evolution of DNA analysis

Scientific progress will re-evaluate DNA categorization from time to time.  References in this blog are those used by the authors of the papers cited.

In 2010 23andMe categorized our Y-chromosome as Y-E1b1b1c1a* which remains our primary reference.

Our Y, over the past 20 years plus, has been included in and referred to as: M34, M84, E-M96, Y-E136, Y-E123, L29, E-L117.

About 2015 ftDNA categorized our Y-chromosome as Y-E-L117.

Several years later, 23andMe re-termed our Y chromosome categorization to E-L29, for their purposes.

Little is known about the distribution of the group of people with this haplogroup  in terms of geographical migration out of East Africa through North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

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