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Research Resources – ongoing updates on research into E1b1b1c1a with genealogical revelations get your DNA analysed and compare it to others great resource on our Canaanite and Phoenician forbearers – ongoing updates on genetic research and a source of ongoing articles on geographical or ethnic clusters  – I’ve set up a “fishing” thread/post on this site set up by the Church of Later Day Saints which has one of the largest ancestry databases in the world which is now taking genealogical information as well.  It is used extensively and consulted by many who are on their own searches.  It is a site which can result in an unknown family member putting a 2 to our 2 and giving us both 4.  – This site has similar promise to the Ancestry site.  Plus you can also pay to have your DNA analysis done. has all kinds of useful information from DNA analysis to ethnic groups.


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Gon Fishin – Email to kin – August 8, 2010

While we now have a fair amount of info on Frank/Gramps but we still don’t know anything concrete about his parents or brother(?).  So I’ve started using the social networking systems to go fishing.  Eventually it will be best for us to set up a family site where the most recent documents and confirmed information is placed and updated.  One of the areas with promise may be the Orphan Trains which transported orphans and indigents from the eastern United States to the west in order to provide needed labour.  Apparently there is a large body of information so if there is anyone in the family that can tackle that area it would be appreciated by all.

I have placed the message set out below on a new group that I created on Facebook [Frank McCallum Finding ancestors & kin Y-DNA E1b1b1c1a1 (E-M136) (E-M34) ]

and also on [] However, it may have ended up in the wrong part of Ancestry.

I’m not sure that I have the optimum set up or test but I will tweak it later.  Only so many hours in the day.

Do you have a Facebook account?  I’m at Ian McCallum and Skype Mcluhan.

Do you have suggestions as to edits, additional key words or other fishing holes where I can place the hook?

The Y-Chromosome information is a long shot but will become of increasing use as more people are tested, their results made public and their family’s migration patterns are geographically plotted and tracked as far back as they can.

Feel free to pass this info along to anyone else in the family who might be interested in it.

It’s a great detective story for a family of thespians and other creative types. 


Frank McCallum Finding ancestors & kin Y-DNA E1b1b1c1a1 (E-M136) (E-M34)

Key Points: We are looking for the parents of our grand father, Frank McCallum, and living family too. Frank was likely born in 1891 or 92, probably in the United States and orphaned before he was 12.  He emigrated, that is walked, from North Dakota to Saskatchewan, Canada around 1902.  He died in 1956 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Much of the social information about him is unconfirmed.  Recent DNA analysis proves that McCallum could not have been the ancestral name. 

We don’t know when or where he was orphaned.  The story that family recall that he provided was that he worked on a farm in North Dakota, left and walked into Saskatchewan, Canada in his early teens, around 1902.  He then worked at Vanscoy near Saskatoon as a farm labourer for Charlie Benolken who had recently emigrated with several other relatives and family members from just west of Minneapolis.  Frank then acquired four parcels of land to farm and simultaneously operated a small general store from his farm, sold insurance and involved himself in other ventures.

Apparently he had a younger brother, name unknown, who Frank last saw in North Dakota.  Later Frank tried finding him but was unsuccessful.  He remembered his father having red hair and his mother black hair.


Haplotype:         E1b1b1c1a1 or E-M136 a sub-clade of E1b1b1c1 (E-M34).   

The DNA analysis proves that our ancestral name is not McCallum.  The global McCallum Y-chromosome is group R; his was group E.  The McCallum name was adopted at some point.  Emigration or adoption would be events when that would occur.  There are all kinds of reasons why someone looking for a name would pick a specific name; but, “Frank McCallum”? Frank is not a typical Scottish name per se, particularly in that era since the name Frank apparently only came into use in the 1700s.  Today there are a number of Frank McCallum’s listed in a Google of today’s Glasgow. 

The modern day geographical locations of the M136 haplotype are not yet meaningfully identified.  The earlier E1b1b1c group seems to have originated in or near to the Jordan Valley of the eastern Mediterranean.  However, distribution of the M34 haplotype also includes northern Spain and Portugal and through the coastal areas of the Mediterranean and into Anatolia and even north East Africa.

Frank’s eldest son deduced from various indicators that Frank may have been Jewish.


Date of Birth:     likely October 27, 1891 or 1892 

Place of Birth:   possibly Detroit or Wayne County, Michigan (cited in numerous homestead registrations, wedding certificate and WWI sign-up documents); but could also be New York, Illinois and Europe.

Alternative McCallum Parentage

Alternative McCallum Parentage – Alternative Names

(from his 1919 Glasgow wedding certificate)

Father: John McCallum, hotel proprietor

Mother: Julia, maiden name Leggat

Alternative McCallum Parentage – Immigrants 1892


Names: Frank McCallum Age 42 (nationality Canadian) & Mrs. McCallum Age 40 (nationality Irish) Both citizens of the USA.

Arrived: Ellis Island, New York Sept 9 1892  from Liverpool

Ship was: The City of New York  

Of the 65 McCallums who landed at Ellis Island, New York between 1892 and 1924 only one was named Frank, arriving Sept 9 1892, who brought no children. 

Coincidence? Quite possibly.  But consider the following: this Frank’s Nationality/Ethnicity is listed as Canada! Very odd. This Frank is also a Citizen of the United States and destination is “Ills” which I assume is an abbreviation for Illinois (Chicago?). Why would Canadian Frank be taking an Irish wife from Liverpool to live in the US instead of Canada?

So what might be the relevance?

·         They could have had a child after arriving in Illinois.

·         They could have “adopted” a child, even one from the boat.  There were deaths during the voyage but I haven’t yet checked the other 1,740 passengers.

·         Our “Frank’s” parent(s) could have met passenger Frank and his wife on the boat and then after landing taken on his name, and naming his son Frank as a tribute or thank you. 

For an eventual orphan Canada could also be a strong, attractive myth of “home”, strong enough to motivate a walk there when he could have walked in any other direction.

Alternative McCallum Parentage (possibly grandparents)

Source: Essex County, Ontario Wedding Records (year)

Father: Frank McCallum

Mother: Julia Vanantwerp / or Van Antwerp

Father: James McCallum

Names Given To children that may be relevant hints:

James, John, Francis, Merle, Neil, Effie.

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We descended from Canaanites, also known as Phoenicians

A recent article, summarised below, concludes that we descended from Canaanites, also known as Phoenicians.  The area corresponds roughly to Lebanon, northern Israel and western Syria.

If you would like a comprehensive overview of our ancestors you can get it at or at which has extensive information including trading and migration patterns as far as Ireland and England.

I found this interesting site which has extensive information and maps including about trading and migration patterns as far as Ireland and England.  It goes some distance to explaining more options for the routing to Hanley.  Unfortunately it doesn’t yet narrow those options.

I’ve discovered that there numerous takes on the histories of the peoples in this region that long ago.  I gather that they are still finding and sorting out new archaeological and recorded data.  Part of the problem is that there were small populations and language was only being developed at that time and the approaches were different.  However, this is the first time that I’ve come up with such a mother lode of interesting information.

I haven’t spent much time on it yet, there are about 1,900 pages of information, so I don’t yet know how it treats religion.  Also, so far, it doesn’t include Y-DNA analysis.

The region was on major east west and north south trade routes both by land by sea.  Consequently, the requirements of trade helped shape their major contributions to the world which include:

  • Language/alphabet which they passed to the Greeks who refined and spread it further.
  • Trade
  • Navigation
  • Math (Pythagoras)
  • developed war by chariot -  Yeeehah!



A summer update from the Russian research team. Russian Journal of Genetic Genealogy: Vol 1, №2, 2010 ISSN: 1920-2989

The pdf paper is short and an interesting read.  In it they refer to E1b1b1c1a as an individual, which makes sense when talking about the first dude with that particular genetic mutation.  Generally speaking we have been talking about the entire haplogroup including Frank and us.

Haplogroups E1b1b1c1 (M34) and E1b1b1c1a (M84) among Jews. Could Abraham be E1b1b1c1 or E1b1b1c1a?

The paper concludes that the guy who was E1b1b1c1 was too old to be Abraham.  But while E1b1b1c1a (a descendant of E1b1b1c1) might be Abraham that too is unlikely as the Cohens tended to be the Jewish priests and the % of E1b1b1c1a’s amongst the Cohen’s is low, around 1%.  I’ll have to take the writers’ word about the importance of that as I know nothing about Cohens or Jewish priests.  They suggest that Abraham is most likely to be J1 or J2, which are also common to both Arabs and jews.

The report also concludes that:  “the Jewish and Arabian E1b1b1c1a lines are close one to the other, their common ancestor lived 4080±1440 years ago, so, most probably, both are descendants of ancient Canaanites.”

There is a comment that Jews invaded a Canaan community and converted a segment of the populace.  Remember, that this predates the creation of Islam by several thousand years.

Interesting how much new material has surfaced since I last checked the internet a few months ago.

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