Third Cousin Once Removed – Tyler Clark Burke: Status – No Progress

Proposed Cousin relationship = 3rd cousin removed 1 time(s)
Estimated average number of generations to the common ancestor based on Autosomal values: 3.9

March 23, 2011 someone contacted me who picked me out of GEDmatch as a possible relative.

It would appear that we are related as

Her great great great grandfather
My great great grandfather

She and Merle, Brian and I would be 3rd cousins once removed. Jon, Andrew, David, Sara, Christy, Sam, Beckie and Rosalind would be 4th cousins.

I believe that the common ancestor would be Frank’s grandfather, probably born around 1825.

Who is she?

She is 37 and heavily into the arts. In fact, wait for it, she was artist in residence the Drake Hotel in Toronto. Her name is Tyler Clark Burke.

David, Andrew, and Angella have probably been tripping all over each other at events in Toronto, sitting at the next table, staring at the same Nuit Blanche work, perhaps even David’s.

She grew up in Winnipeg, moved to Toronto, went to the University of Guelph. Her father is a professor in the film department at Queen’s University, an expert on Federico Fellini who autographed some things for Tyler, including his phone number.

If you are interested in more information you can check her out at: There is a long 2004 article on her in the Toronto Star which is linked from this page.

Tyler has extensive family tree information going back to Ireland and southern Italy. Her father was born in New York. At the moment she is unaware of any orphan connection.

My tentative assessment is that our common ancestor was more likely to be Italian than Irish. Our male Y-DNA haplogroup E1b1b1c1a is a relatively small group with limited distribution beyond the Mediterranean basin until into the increased migration in the mid-1800s made possible by steam powered ships. Even further, that haplogroup has strong Italian pockets in Sicily, Sardinia, southern Italy near Naples which is where the Martocci family apparently sailed to New York from. The Martocci family apparently came from Laurenzana which is in mountainous mainland terrain 160 km ESE from Naples.

That Italian connection is through her mother. We could confirm that if she could persuade her father to have his DNA analyzed. I haven’t yet explored the possibility of a direct male descendant on her mother’s side having his DNA analyzed. We would be looking for the Y-chromosome E1b1b1c1a. As a woman, she wouldn’t have that.

Until we have located an E1b1b1c1a carrier, there is the possibility that the DNA connection is through either my mother or grandmother. Since my mother came from Manchester and my grandmother from Glasgow, it is unlikely but possible. There is also the possibility of a female only link of some kind. Tyler and us can share a lot of DNA without direct sharing of haplogroups. I wish it were simpler but there it is.

I must stress that these conclusions are not fully proven as they are based on our preliminary DNA comparisons but the evidence would appear to be very strong. There is clearly enough shared DNA material to suggest that we are 3rd cousins once removed.

We’ve had a half dozen email exchanges and will have more. Regardless of how this turns out, she seems like a very warm, smart individual who would get along well with this family.


  1. borghese Said,

    January 21, 2012 @ 7:58 PM

    Do you know the 12 markers for Burke ? Borghese and Burke may be related …. Borghese, Borges, Burgess, Berkowicz, Burkes, all derivative of ancient Aramaic (Phoenician) BRG(K)Z

    Bet – Resh – Gimel – Zayin

    Is it ………… 13-24-13-10-16-18-11-12-12-14-11-31

  2. ian Said,

    May 13, 2015 @ 8:20 AM

    Sorry Rod. I can’t help you there as I am not up on the marker system. I’ve been advised that for my search at this stage that the autosomal method is more productive. If and when I get a documented 2nd cousin then we may use marker tests to confirm or refute it.

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