2,191 Potential Relatives and Counting

February 10, 2011 was a major milestone in our search for living relatives, ancestors and our true paternal name.

I was able to compare my genes with 560,000 others via GEDcom yielding 1,200 possible relatives. Via 23andMe we have 991 possible relatives. There is only one named McCallum – Virginia.

We started this blog only in mid-2010 with no expectations of such a major development. Six months later we are beginning to contact the most promising of these and, from there, organizing the family histories and genetic family trees together in an increasingly meaningful way. The exponential growth in people having their DNA analysed will yield increasing potential and relevancy in the months and years to come. It is a big job but the data is growing and tools more powerful and, as a result of my DNA analysis, I have been told by those who read my genes that I have a superior chance of living to be 100, therefore I have many more years to be able to do the work!

This morning, as Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak resigned, I had a reply from the first and the genetically closest person from that group, someone who appears to be perhaps 6 orders away; not exactly close, but promising. It is safe to say that we will never get completely caught up with family gossip. We’ve not yet spoken but her email was very warm and welcoming.

We still have the documentation search to keep up but these developments are a huge boost to our efforts.

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