Relative Finder – DNA Comparison to Find Relatives & Ancestors via Triangulation

A useful service has recently come to my attention via 23AndMe. It enables anyone to run their raw DNA analysis in comparison with others who have also used it and who are out there waiting to be found. When my DNA analysis comes back from 23AndMe in a few weeks, I will run my data as a trial.

E1b1b1c1a M84 has good news/bad news aspects. Since there are relatively so few carrying that Y-chromosome it may take some considerable time before enough of us opt to be tested and then make data available for such triangulation. The good news is that we should be able to plot probable migration more and more precisely as others of our ilk add themselves.

The GEDmatch.Com site provides tools for making ‘deep’ comparisons between genealogies and DNA test results to help identify possible hidden ancestral connections with distant cousins. This is particularly useful when your GEDCOM or list of DNA matches contains hundreds, or even thousands of individuals. This service is provided free to anybody.

Also, you will find instructions for 23AndMe on that site.

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