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Research Resources – ongoing updates on research into E1b1b1c1a with genealogical revelations get your DNA analysed and compare it to others great resource on our Canaanite and Phoenician forbearers – ongoing updates on genetic research and a source of ongoing articles on geographical or ethnic clusters  – I’ve set up a “fishing” thread/post on this site set up by the Church of Later Day Saints which has one of the largest ancestry databases in the world which is now taking genealogical information as well.  It is used extensively and consulted by many who are on their own searches.  It is a site which can result in an unknown family member putting a 2 to our 2 and giving us both 4.  – This site has similar promise to the Ancestry site.  Plus you can also pay to have your DNA analysis done. has all kinds of useful information from DNA analysis to ethnic groups.


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