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Wireless Toronto, Alley Jaunt

According to the Alley Jaunt web site:

AlleyJaunt is a curatorial collective that developed out of the need for more public and inclusive platforms dedicated to integrating contemporary art into public space. Every August since 2003, the collective curates art exhibitions, installations, and performances into the back alleys and garages surrounding Trinity Bellwoods Park.

Wireless Toronto surveyed the community and neighbourhood of the laneways around the park by mapping out all of the wireless network names. Network names are personal things. They convey something about who the owner is and how they choose to present themselves to their neighbours.

The network names, and other names related to the community (places, streets, people, historical names) were used for fridge poetry and were also randomly assembled by a computer to create its own nonsense poetry.

We engaged with the community and all passers-by, inviting them to make sense of the names of their neighbourhood.

The computer poetry

Self-identifying hipster poetry!

Poetry boards

Poetry board