Glitching the Fabric


Glitching the Fabric was produced as the final dissertation of a PhD at the Valand Academy at the University of Gothenburg, defended in September 2018.

The research explored transfers of strategy from new media and glitch art—genres of art that often operate on the codes of digital media objects—to the codes of knitting a weaving.

The dissertation and accompanying media are available here:

There are several artistic outputs that accompany the dissertation:


Five-Two-One is a performance lecture that also serves as a concise summary of the entire dissertation.


An installation at a textile museum in Gothenburg, constructed on an antique bobbin-lace machine.

Slow Explosion, Bang and Crunch

A looping sequence based on error injected into a satin weaving pattern.

Houndstooth navigator

A version of the software generated for the research, used to navigate a space of possible weaving patterns based on houndstooth.