You Say Potatoe, I Say Potato





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Alex Berman, Sue Huang


Today in Paradise at Röda Sten in Gothenburg, Sweden, March 26, 2005

Two research labs compete in the battle of the century to answer perhaps the most important question in the field of Genetic Engineering: GM Potatoes - they may be safe to put in your stomach, but are they safe to put in your ears?

Alex Berman and David McCallum in collaboration with Sue Huang go head to head in an audio battle using and abusing our favourite root vegetable for the purposes of art, science, and the betterment of humanity.

Much fuss has been made about the safety of genetically modified foods. But amid all of the protests, propaganda, and portentous claims perhaps the most pertinent problem has pathetically never been posed, until now: do genetically modified foods make better music than God's untampered bounty? That question will be answered at Today in Paradise!

At Today in Paradise in Gothenburg

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