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iSight, webcam, video, feedback


Pleasure Dome's New Toronto Works Show, Toronto, February 24, 2007
Interacces, I/O Media aboveground, Toronto, November 17, 2006

This performance plays the audio feedback through the microphone at the top of the MacBook's screen. Using my mouth, I can coax the feedback into different frequencies, playing it like an instrument.

The cool thing about the MacBook's design is the placement of the mic and webcam, directly beside each other. By projecting the camera's view, the audience has a bit of an understanding of what's going on, or at least a connection between the sound and my actions—something that's lacking in most electronic music performance.

Both the video and audio techniques are super simple and have been around for years. The simplicity of this creative process is what makes this fascinating for me, all thanks to the innovative interface designers at Apple.

New Toronto Works Show, Toronto, 2007