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Complete as it'll get provides movie reviews as a means of pointing parents towards "family-friendly" entertainment. At the end of each review, the reviewer provides a tally of all curse words used throughout the movie. For some reason, dove feels the need to represent curses as euphemisms, normally presented as a short-form of the curse, or with letters replaced by asterisks.

The concept of rating films as family-friendly and tallying the expletives is bizarre enough in itself, but apparently these parents are so sensitive that they themselves do not wish to be exposed to profanity.

In an effort to promote education, rather than hiding the potentially offensive, this greasemonkey script corrects dove's euphemisms, replacing them with their true fucking content.

To see an example of Arse Feck, click the image. To use Arse Feck for yourself, install greasemonkey for Firefox, install the script provided to the right, and then surf Dove's movie reviews.

Arse Feck _ greasemonkey script

An example of Arse Feck in action